The Cupcake caper by The White Rabbit 

A curious incident has reached our ears from Dublin. Late last night we had news about the International Day of the Midwife(5.5.16)…….. to do with … missing cupcakes!
It is a wonderful day, the 5th May- a day to rejoice for midwives of the world . It’s a day that  has grown in celebratory conferences,  meetings, greetings amongst and for midwives around the globe. 

Irish midwives are also up for the party, a terrific day of celebration which shares positive stories globally  about our wonderful profession midwifery –  for whom the future is looking bright. 

 We hear things are changing in Ireland at a great pace: a new national maternity strategy, community midwifery, midwifery led units, autonomous practitioners, midwives really able to be ‘with woman’ at last. 

A thoughful gesture added kindness compassion to the celebratory day . This gesture was a delivery made to the three great Dublin maternity hospitals. Midwives love cakes and these cakes were no exception.Beautiful cupcakes painstakingly baked with love and affection as a thank you to midwives. The photos of the cupcakes almost went viral on Facebook , showing  the smiling face of a happy young boy helping his Mum pack the cupcakes into their boxes. 

By mid-afternoon, there were delightful pictures of midwives sharing their cupcakes. In Merrion Square  a little boy welcomed back to the hospital where he was born,”thank you midwives” he grinned happily. Off to the “Essence of Midwifery”  conference went the cakes and their makers . Michel Odent sits with the little cupcake maker ..oh joy…midwives are eating cupcakes, did Michel have one too?

Is this a tea party?

No, wait! News from the hospital which in 1916 overlooked the great rebellion, we hear shocking news! The cupcakes left sitting on the midwives’ desk were there one minute the next minute they’d vanished ! Gone ! confiscated! Not allowed! “Don’t Eat These Cupcakes!” How had the cupcakes crossed the line into the hospital? There must be a Full Investigation! 

Where did the cupcakes go? Were they stolen? What will happen when the Full Investigation has concluded? Will there be a trial? Will Alice in Wonderland be there to declare ‘Stuff and nonsense’? We can only hope. 

The cake caper mystery ……  who stole the cakes ? 

…….. To be continued — perhaps  


This story has no connection with me whatsoever – I was told it and I agreed to put into my blog so that others might question the way that gifts which have no benefit except to try and raise others spirits must not be seen as suspicious – we are after all humans learning  the best way each and every day ❤️

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